Aerial Delivery Parachute color, code and designation

White no 42J13968 – 1 Medical supplies
Yellow no 42J13968 – 2 Communication equipement
Red no 42J13968 – 3 Ammunitions and Weapons
Blue no 42J13968 – 4 Fuel, Lubricants
Green no 42J13968 – 5 Rations

Bevoorrading parachute kleur, code en bestemming

Wit nr. 42J13968 – 1 Medische benodigdheden
Geel nr. 42J13968 – 2 Communicatie middelen
Rood nr. 42J13968 – 3 Munitie en Wapens
Blauw nr. 42J13968  – 4 Brandstof en Smeermiddelen
Groen nr. 42J13968  – 5 Voedsel rantsoenen

Cargo model Parachute Blue

This is the standard model March 24, 1943 dated blue parachute canopy that was used with Aerial Delivery containers of all types.  The parachute is a 24′ diameter round canopy with tape style suspension lines. It was manufactured by the LN Gross compagnie and is marked 42J3968-4. Four is the indication of the blue colour.

This cargo chute is in its 100% original as found and complete condition. and left as is. The lines are cutt but none of them are missing.