Dear fellow collectors,

this site has been created to give an impression of what has been collected by two enthusiastic friends,  in the field of WWII ammunition for all kind off weapons.

Displayed  are: ammunition in several widely used calibers of the period, a number of hand grenades, mortars, mines, rockets and their related items such as wooden/steel crates, containers, boxes, cartboard packages et cetera et cetera.


The landing zone for the 325th had shifted from the Groesbeek area to the area of DZ-O, which became LZ-O. This was done because German forces were dug in on the borders of the landing zones near Groesbeek and could put artillery and mortar fire onto the landing zones. The area of LZ-O was safe. The 504th PIR had landed here on September 17 and the area was safe since.


Aerial delivery parachutes

German 2 cm Flak

Dropzone Oboe

Temporary airstrip B91

82nd Airborne Division

nice patch

504 PIR

Waco Glider CG A4

Grave Bridge

British XXX Army Corp


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